Eyes In a Moment

Embrace emotion

Welcome!  I'm Kent

Portrait artist

Life throws everything at us.  You've worked long and hard for your degree, family, and wellness.  Now it's time to celebrate!  Make time for yourself.  Step out of your selfie!  

This is you!


Embrace expression

This is your time to bring out the bold!   Toss the scrubs and mask aside and crank up your favorite dancing tunes as you lose yourself in a fun atmosphere without judgement.   


Embrace elegance

The day you have dreamed of.  Planning and preparation.  Cherish the day with your new partner, your family, and friends.  Leave the photography to me.

Step out of your selfie!
Step out of your selfie!

Step out of your selfie!

Contact me today to begin the exploration in creating your new look! 

Kent Andersen - Photographer


212 E Elm Street

Lone Tree, Iowa  52755